New General Transfer Norms of Govt Employees

transferThe Kerala Government has issued norms for transfers and posting of government employees. Transfers of employees in all departments will be carried out online. The notable aspect of the transfer norms is the stipulation fixing a three-year term for posting and transfer.

All departments will have to prepare a priority list every year on the basis of this order. The transfers will be carried out from this list. The transfers will made following the queue system from the list. All departments will now have to make general transfer in the months of April and May. In the case of schools,the transfers can be carried out in July or August.

The government order also lists out the grounds for compassionate transfers. The compassionate transfers will be examined after a period of one year. However,the government can transfer any employee in public interest if it is found necessary. Click the below link for downloading New General Transfer Norms of Govt Employees G.O(P)No.3-2017-P&ARD dtd 25.02.2017. Click here to download the same.

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