State Committee

1176376_1406884046195697_1841396094_nThe state wise higher secondary school teachers association was fashioned on the 9th of February 1991. The association of Higher Secondary School Teachers conducted meetings on September 1990 at Ernakulam and Calicut demanding the higher secondary directorate for special pay scale and course intensification. By coordinating the south and north members the statewise organization of Plus Two Teachers was formed on 9th of February 1991. The first meeting was held at Ernakulam SRVLPS. Thus the great harmony of Higher Secondary School Teachers, HSSTA, was originated..



8 Responses to State Committee

  1. jishnu vardhan says:

    all the best ….

  2. haridas says:

    Lets nourish it to protect the rights of HSSTs.

  3. jishnu vardhan gk says:

    new face and new vision….good work

  4. JAMES N V says:

    Pl update address of office bearers.

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