Snehapoorvam Programme

SnehapurvamThe ‘Snehapoorvam’ flagship programme of the Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM), intended to provide for the educational needs of orphans, will initially cover over 5,000 children in the State. Children who had lost one of their parents (paternal and maternal orphans) too will be eligible for the monthly aid. During this financial year, Rs.4 crore will be disbursed among such children studying up to Plus Two classes. Under the scheme, select Plus One and Plus Two students will be eligible for a monthly aid of Rs.750. Students in upper primary and high school sections will get Rs.500. All others up to standard V will get Rs.300.

Novel feature : “The main specialty of this scheme is that it covers only children who are not sheltered by any orphanages or charitable institutions, but continue to stay with their relatives or grandparents for education”. “Kerala Social Security Mission take this novel step when foreign countries still stick to the concept of rehabilitating such children through adoption”. As per a recent sample study conducted by the KSSM, there are over 750 orphans in every Assembly constituency in the State who need special care. For many of them, the amount now given by their caretakers is not sufficient to meet even the day-to-day expenses or travel fare.

Credited to account : Both the people’s representatives and the school authorities can suggest the names of eligible candidates and help them to submit the application form to the KSSM. As it is a continuing aid, the deserving candidates can approach the department at any time for submitting their request. On approval, the sanctioned amount will be credited to the bank account of the applicant.


  • To identify the orphaned children in the community
  • To assess and priorities children in the greatest need
  • To provide social protection to highly vulnerable groups of orphans by strengthening traditional family and community systems for protecting and absorbing orphans
  • To improve the basic education, social integration and nutrition of the most vulnerable groups of orphans towards the levels of other children in the community
  • To encourage the families to live their children within the family set up rather than sending them to orphanages
  • To extend a helping hand to these orphans families by way of providing financial assistance to the education of children.


  • Children below 5 years and class I to V @ Rs.300/pm
  • For class VI to class X @ Rs 500/pm
  • For class XI and class XII @ Rs 750/pm

During this year the Government has issued orders to extend the scheme to the beneficiaries who are studying for Degree/professional courses. The rate of assistance per month is Rs. 1000/-.

Snehapoorvam : Government Order Dated 10/10/2014

Application form for Information Collection Only

Snehapoorvan Online Application : Guide for Institution

Snehapoorvam Scheme–Online Application

According to new government order social security mission accept “Snehapoorvam Applications” only through Online method. For more details please mail to

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